Ancient Large-Scale Mining Discovery Near Lake Superior Starts To Rewrite Native American History

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A study published in late 2022 found evidence of heavy metal emissions from ancient Native American mining efforts.

In yet another shocking discovery that contributes to the rewriting of human history, sediments from two small inland lakes in Isle Royale National Park near Lake Superior were analyzed, revealing copper mining efforts in the region some 6,000 years ago. The study, published by Science Direct, sought to determine the timing and geographic transportation (wind currents, etcetera) of pollution from ancient mining efforts as a means of assessing previous development and human impact on the natural world.

Elevated concentrations of lead in various sediments from roughly 6,000 years ago at both lakes show the oldest known metal working industries in the U.S., but it’s unclear specifically where the mines were located. The discovery does provide some clues as to spatial patterns and scale of the mining efforts, but far more information is required to determine the exact nature of the work, according to the study.

Scientists were aware the mines were present in the area, but their presence was a “long-standing mystery,” according to University of Hawaii at Mānoa geologist David Pompeani, Scientific American reported.

He noted the discovery puts a new spin on how Native American cultures and societies operated. “There’s this idea that hunter-gatherers couldn’t organize to conduct a mining operation,” Pompeani continued, according to the outlet. “Yet that lake sediment indicates that during the Archaic period, they mined to such a degree that we can detect it in the environment.”

Using lead deposits as proxy data, scientists can further explore past environmental trends in a similar way to how we use tree ring data to explore shifts in past climate. Similar studies can now be conducted to determine ancient human impacts across the world. (RELATED: Netflix Documentary Could Rewrite All Of Human History)

The discovery also blends with the growing body of evidence that human civilization may have reached some type of peak intelligence, knowledge and civilization long before the present day. One of the best docuseries on this topic is “Ancient Apocalypse” by Graham Hancock, which is highly recommended viewing for all who care about the mysteries of our past.