‘0 Morals’: Former NBA Player Enes Kanter Freedom Slams LeBron After He Breaks The Scoring Record

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Shots fired!

For LeBron James, the Los Angeles Lakers and the entire world of basketball, it was a huge night as LBJ broke Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record to become the NBA’s new all-time leading scorer.

But amid all the celebration, one person — NBA player and human rights activist Enes Kanter Freedom — had some harsh words for LeBron.

Shortly after James broke Abdul-Jabbar’s record, Freedom took to Twitter to slam the self-proclaimed king. Though Enes did give LBJ credit for his mega-scoring career, he also dinged James for how he has handled himself off the court.

“38,388 Points. 0 Morals. 0 Values. 0 Principles. 0 Empathy. 1 Bow Down to #China. Congrats @KingJames,” Freedom tweeted.

First off, I want to say congratulations to LeBron James. He deserves the credit. But Freedom, who left the Celtics and the end of last season and is currently a free agent, isn’t wrong here.

James is the same guy who has business ties with Communist China, and defended the country’s authoritarian regime as it cracked down on pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. I’m not going to hate on the man for making his money, it’s not exactly the most moral thing in the world. And not just that, it’s hypocritical — remember when LeBron was all in on the Black Lives Matter movement?

So … human rights for black Americans, but none for the Chinese?

And do we also remember how he treated this old man?

Again, congratulations to LeBron James. You have to give the man some kudos for breaking such a legendary record.

But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a little bit of a prick. (RELATED: Miami Heat Clear Up Cap And Roster Space By Trading Dewayne Dedmon To Spurs, Signaling Potential Big Move At Deadline)

Let’s fix that, king.