Navy SEAL Details The Time Tom Brady Got Attacked By ‘One Of The Most Aggressive Beasts Of A Dog’


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Former Navy SEAL Chris Fettes recently detailed the time that Tom Brady was attacked by a dog during a hostage rescue training session.

The dog attack happened during a meet-and-greet, Fettes recalled in an interview with OutKick.

“We were running a hostage rescue scenario in Gillette Stadium,” Fettes said. “At the end we went down to the field for sort of a meet-and-greet and some pictures. Tom Brady was very excited. He comes over and he’s like ‘Yeah!'”

Fettes added that the quarterback did not realize that a dog owned by the SEALs was in the vicinity and “unmuzzled,” which then led to the attack. The former Navy SEAL described the animal as “one of the most aggressive beasts of a dog.”

“He lunged at Tom Brady and clamped onto his thigh. I think that the reason why he clamped onto his thigh is because the handler had his leash and pulled him back, because they’re trained to go for necks and vital body parts.”

Fettes claims that had there not been a handler nearby, then the situation could’ve been far worse for Brady.

“He was just like super tough about it and was like ‘I’m not going anywhere. Let’s just like finish this. Let’s hang out,'” he added.

Brady spoke about the attack in the lead up to the 2018 Super Bowl.

“I was walking out to the middle of the field and there’s helicopters flying and everyone’s lined up,” Brady said. “Some guys were kind of excited to see us walk out. So I was close to the guys and didn’t realize there was dogs. And obviously, those weren’t Labradors. Those were tough dogs. I raise my arms up over my head. Right when I raise my arm up, the dog jumped up and I guess was going for my neck.”