‘Potent’ Winter Storms Forecast For Valentines Day. Here’s What We Know


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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At least two “potent” winter storms are expected to bring more severe weather to large swaths of the United States starting Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service.

The NWS issued a number of winter weather warnings on Monday as two storm systems developed across the Plains and Four Corners regions. Both systems are expected to hit on Tuesday and migrate through the continent on Wednesday.

In the Four Corners region — an area of the southwestern U.S. that includes parts of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico — heavy snow is anticipated to develop, along with near-blizzard conditions. Travel advisories are in effect, as the conditions are likely to create low visibility and drifting snow, and could impact infrastructure. The system will move through the region to the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes by Thursday.

The Plains system is forecasted to hit the Upper Midwest region by Tuesday night ahead of the other storm. As this system moves, it will also bring heavy snow and blowing snow through the northern Plains and Minnesota, the NWS predicts. (RELATED: Check Out The National Weather Service’s Amazing Word Gymnastics Over California Drought Questions)

Wind warnings are also in effect throughout Arizona and New Mexico, but conditions are expected to peak later Tuesday morning, the NWS continued. The NWS has described the systems as “brutal” and “potent.”