‘Do You Have A Penis?’: Crowd Erupts At Republican Sen. McKee Questioning Trans Witness


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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A Republican state senator asked a transgender witness about the individual’s genitalia during a hearing for an Arkansas bill which would make it easier for individuals to sue doctors who performed sex change surgeries on them as minors.

A bill was introduced in the Arkansas state legislature in February which stipulates that, “A healthcare professional who performs a gender transition procedure on a minor is liable to the minor if the minor is injured.” A state Senate panel has since approved the bill. (RELATED: Pivotal Parental Rights Bill To Face An Uphill Battle In The Virginia Senate)

“You said that you are a trans woman,” state Sen. Matt McKee asked transgender witness Dr. Gwendolyn Herzig.

“A trans female, yes sir,” Herzig replied.

“Do you have a penis?”

The crowd erupted at the senator’s question, as Herzig responded, “that’s horrible!”

“You’re the one that brought that into the discussion,” McKee said.

“I never said anything about genitalia,” Herzig said, continuing, “I’m not going to answer that question. That’s highly inappropriate.”

“I’m a healthcare professional, a doctor, please treat me as such,” Herzig added.

Herzig is a pharmacist practicing medicine in Little Rock, Arkansas.