Trans Activist Calls The Fact That Men Are Stronger Than Women ‘Incredibly Offensive’


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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An activist said during a Wednesday hearing for a Kansas women’s rights bill that the fact that men are stronger than women is “incredibly offensive.”

Taryn Jones of the leftist group “Equality Kansas” made the comments during hearings for a SB 180, referred to as a “women’s bill of rights.” The legislation provides a concrete meaning of biological sex. (RELATED: ‘Democrats Sold Kids Out’: Senators Block Sage’s Law In Virginia Subcommittee)

“A ‘female’ is an individual whose biological reproductive system is developed to produce ‘ova’, and a ‘male’ is an individual whose biological reproductive system is developed to fertilize the ova of a female,” the bill reads. The legislation also affirms that it is within the state’s interest to protect the “health, safety, and privacy of individuals,” thus allowing separate restrooms, rape crisis centers, athletics, and prisons.

“SB 180 talks about how there’s differences in biological sexes between men and women, and how men are stronger and taller,” Jones said. “I find that incredibly offensive.”

“I find that like in this bill and bills like it, there’s this idea of a level playing field. But the truth is, there can never be a level playing field. There can never be an equal playing field. My cousin is six feet tall, she’s a cisgender female. Should she not be allowed to play on a women’s basketball team because she has an advantage?”

A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that even after a year of hormone therapy, biological men still hold an edge over women. Women also have on average smaller breathing muscles, lungs and airways than men.

Biological men competing as women have swept athletic competitions across the nation. A biological man named CeCe Telfer topped the NCAA women’s track division in 2019. Male runners are also dominating a girl’s high school track team in Connecticut. Trans swimmer Lia Thomas recently beat out female competitors by a full 1.75 seconds in the 500m freestyle  competition, and finished a lap ahead of his competition at another race in February. Female swimmers have ripped Thomas for competing as a woman and gaining an unfair advantage as a biological man over female competitors.