REPORT: Good Samaritan Shoots Man Who Was Stabbing His Neighbor As She Screamed For Help

Public/Screenshot/YouTube — User: Fox 5 Atlanta

Paul Aubert Contributor
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A heroic bystander shot a man who was stabbing a woman Saturday morning near Atlanta, Fox5 reports.

Good Samaritan Josh Dobbs told Fox5 he heard screams for help coming from what sounded like a woman’s voice near the Hidden Lake Apartments in Union City, Georgia. He quickly got involved to stop what police believe was a violent domestic dispute. Dobbs reportedly approached a suspect who was stabbing a woman after he allegedly stabbed two others.

“I just couldn’t sit there and watch and hear what was going on,” Dobbs told the outlet.

“As the male subject was assaulting these female subjects with the knife, an onlooker saw the assault taking place,” Union Police Department Cpt. Prentice Brooks said. “He stepped up and stopped the threat. He did shoot the suspect.” (RELATED: ‘I Felt The Presence Of God’: Shooting Survivors Praise Armed Citizen Who Stopped Mall Shooting)

Police arrived on scene and found one female victim on the ground with a stab wound, another female stabbing victim and one subject who had been shot, according to the outlet. One of the women has reportedly died.

The police department applauded Dobbs for his actions, Fox5 reported. “We actually commend him for what he did and stepping up,” Brooks said.

The serial stabbing suspect died after being transported to a hospital, according to the outlet.

The good Samaritan told Fox5 that he knew it was the “right thing” to help the victims and mentioned how his respect for females pushed him to take action.

“I have a daughter, and I have a lot of respect for females and everything, so I was just doing the right thing and stepping up,” Dobbs said.