XFL 3.0 Suffers Significant Viewership Drop Compared To 2020

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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I’m so bummed out for the XFL, because I personally love the product.

Compared to XFL 2.0 in 2020 (which was ultimately cut short because of the COVID-19 pandemic), XFL 3.0 here in 2023 suffered a 50% viewership drop for its ABC/ESPN televised Week 1 games, according to SportsMediaWatch.com.

The very first game between my Vegas Vipers and Arlington Renegades, which was broadcast on ABC, brought in 1.54 million viewers — a 54% decrease from the 3.3 million who watched the first game in 2020, also on ABC. And the number has the potential to be even larger, considering 2020’s ratings didn’t include out-of-home viewership.

2023’s XFL viewership ratings also fell behind the 3.07 million the United States Football League (USFL) put up in its 2022 debut, and the 3.25 million pulled in by the Alliance of American Football (AAF) in 2019. However, all of those games were played in primetime, rather than in the afternoon like the XFL.

Man … as someone who got sucked into the product in Week 1 and actually got nervous at the end of the Vegas Vipers game (I’ve become a legitimate fan), this is quite disappointing to see.

If you’re one of those people who is a football fan, but just has no interest in watching the XFL, I ask that you please give it a chance. I’m telling you, it’s a solid product. I personally got sucked into the game with my Vipers, and nerves actually got involved, which made it even more fun. Pick a team and give it a try, it’s good football. (RELATED: Deion Sanders Accomplishes Earth-Shattering Ticket Sale Increase For Colorado Buffaloes Football)

Would it help if I told you it has a partnership with the NFL?

Give it a shot.