Officials Investigating Unknown Dust-Like Substance Blanketing Multiple Counties


Taylor Giles Contributor
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Officials in West Virginia are investigating reports of a dust-like substance blanketing multiple counties in the state’s eastern panhandle.

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) sent out investigators late Thursday night to investigate the area and collect samples of the substance, according to a news release from the agency.

“We have staff on site who are coordinating with our state and local partners to identify the material and any potential causes,” WVDEP Division of Air Quality Director Laura Crowder said.

Meteorologist Bill Deger said he the unknown substance falling from the sky is likely dust from another state, according to WV Metro News. (RELATED: Dust Storm Leads To Multiple Deaths In Montana)

“I pulled up some satellite pictures and data from yesterday [Thursday], and it looks like this is dust that originated from parts of the southern plains,” Deger said. “You have to go back to New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma to find the origins of what looks like some dust that was carried by high altitude winds across the country.”

Local officials have not issued a shelter-in-place for the affected areas, according to the WVDEP.