Toddler Tells Kentucky Police Where Fugitive Is Hiding After No Adults Speak Up

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A Kentucky toddler is being hailed by police as “very brave and honest” after the truthful tot led them to a fugitive hiding in a home after adults refused to cooperate.

Officers from the Williamsburg Police Department, Whitley County Sheriff’s Department and the Kentucky State Police are indebted to the honesty of a small child after they arrived at home in Williamsburg seeking Tina Hicks, 45. Hicks was wanted on “multiple outstanding warrants,” a release from the Sheriff’s department stated.

When no adults in the home were willing to cooperate with police regarding the whereabouts of Hicks, a child visiting the home took a literal stand for truth. With his hands on his hips, the child reportedly declared, “It is good to be honest … we shouldn’t lie, she is inside the room next to the bathroom!,” the release stated. (RELATED: 10-Year-Old Girl Named Miracle Helps Mom Deliver Her Baby Sister)

Deputies then moved to locate Hicks who was subsequently served with two outstanding warrants charging her with “Possession of Meth and Drug Paraphernalia,” as well as four other outstanding district court warrants, the release stated.

Deputy Brentley Patrick of the Whitley County Sheriff’s Department commended the toddler for his integrity and for his service to the community, the release stated. The sheriff’s office assured NBC News they didn’t feel the child would face backlash for his honesty.

“He was healthy, intelligent, and in no way appeared to be abused. He was just at the wrong place [at the] wrong time. If deputies thought he was a potential victim of repercussions, it would have been dealt with,” they told the outlet.