REPORT: NBA All Star Ja Morant Allegedly Involved In Assault Incidents

(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

Seth Roy Contributor
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NBA All Star Ja Morant was allegedly involved in two assaults over the summer, according to a Washington Post story published Wednesday.

The first incident allegedly occurred at a mall in Memphis, Tennessee, where the head of security told police that Morant and a group of his friends “threatened” him during a verbal confrontation in the mall’s parking lot. A member of Morant’s group allegedly “pushed” the security officer in the head, the Washington Post reported. Police say that Morant said, “let me find out what time he gets off,” as his group was leaving. This reportedly prompted the guard to file a police report because he “felt threatened by the statement from Ja Morant.” The Post reported that no arrests were made during the altercation.

Four days later, Morant allegedly assaulted a 17-year-old boy during a pickup basketball game at his house. The teenager reportedly bounced the basketball they were playing with and it wound up hitting Morant in the face. This allegedly resulted in Morant and a friend punching the teenager in the head, leaving a “large knot,” according to a police report cited by the Washington Post. (RELATED: Police Issue Arrest Warrant For Projected Number One NFL Draft Pick Following Deadly Crash)

The boy told the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office that after he was assaulted, the NBA superstar allegedly went into his house and re-emerged with a gun that was visible in the waistband of his pants, the Washington Post first reported. Morant reportedly claimed he acted in self defense, saying he felt threatened by the boy because he allegedly shouted “I’m gonna come back and light this place up like ‘fireworks,'” while he was leaving his property. The office determined that there was “not enough evidence to proceed with a case,” according to a spokesperson, the outlet reported.

This comes off the heels of Morant and his entourage allegedly pointing a red laser at staffers of the Indiana Pacers earlier during the season, The Athletic reported.

This season, Morant is averaging over 27 points per game and was a starter during the 2023 NBA All Star game.

The NBA has yet to comment on the findings reported by the outlet.