Grandma Goes Viral As Country Music Legend Asks For Help Finding Her


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Country music legend Morgan Wallen shared a video from a February event where an older woman clearly got way too into his upcoming album “One Thing At A Time.”

The footage was taken in mid-February at Nashville venue Marathon Music Works, which offered a three-night “preview experience” of Wallen’s upcoming album for a few lucky fans, Country Now reported. The audio-visual event allowed guests to listen to all of Wallen’s 36-track album, which will be released on March 3.

One of the fans in attendance clearly got way more into the music than others. “Fav fan ever. Y’all help me find this lady,” Wallen wrote in the caption of a video showing the older lady dancing her butt off. But she’s already been found!

@morganwallenfav fan ever. y’all help me find this lady♬ original sound – morganwallen

The clip was clearly professionally filmed and edited prior to Wallen sharing it, but it looks like the woman in it is a legitimate dancing queen. “THAT’S MY MOM!” one woman wrote in the comments of Wallen’s post, tagging her mother’s TikTok, @casinagina, to prove the claim.

Granny Gina has apparently been a big Wallen fan for a while, pledging her love for Wallen in an October video.

After her viral success, Granny Gina’s niece commented that Wallen “[c]ouldn’t have picked a better fan. U can’t talk to her without hearing the word Morgan Wallen lol. Yes I bought tickets and she begged me to take her so I said come on and I was glad I took [her] cause she had the best time. She’s already got the dates for the album drop and believe me she will be burning the roads up to make sure she gets her copy.”

Wallen paired the song with his currently unreleased track “Thinkin’ Bout Me,” which will be the 25th song on his massive new album, Country Now noted. It’s pretty freakin’ good. (RELATED: Country Music Star Morgan Wallen Embraces Fan Arrested While Wearing His Mugshot)

But it’s not as good as Granny Gina. Let her serve as an eternal inspiration for women everywhere. May we may all shake our butts to Morgan Wallen well into our advanced years.