Jean-Pierre Jokes With Doocy In Rare Friendly Exchange: ‘How’s Baby Karine Doing?’

[Screenshot/YouTube/White House press briefing]

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre joked with Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy in a rare light-hearted exchange Thursday.

Jean-Pierre congratulated Doocy on the birth of his daughter, Bridget Blake Doocy, who he and his wife, Hillary Vaughn, welcomed into the world Feb. 1. Shortly before the baby’s birth, the press secretary joked with Doocy that he should name his child after her.

“I forgot to tell Peter, welcome back and congratulations on being a dad. And how’s baby Karine doing?” Jean-Pierre said, followed by laughter from the audience.


“I do have a lot of hard questions for her when I get home,” Doocy said.

“Oh, are they hard or are they … seriously hard?” she asked.

Doocy announced the birth of his child in Feb. 9 social media posts, and said that he asked President Joe Biden’s advice on being a dad. Biden reportedly advised Doocy to “hold her tight.” (RELATED: Peter Doocy Announces Major Life News)

Jean-Pierre joked at a Jan. 3 briefing that the baby should be named Karine, and Doocy said he would keep it in mind.

“I thought you were gonna ask for my okay to name your daughter Karine. I thought that’s where we were going here,” Jean-Pierre joked.

“Josephina,” Doocy said.

“I know, I know. I think Karine sounds just as good too,” the press secretary said.

“Okay, we’ll take it under advisement,” he answered.

Doocy and Jean-Pierre are known for clashing at the briefings due to the Fox News reporter’s frequent tough questioning about Biden’s policies. The humorous exchange between the two came one day after Doocy accused Biden of being “afraid of China.”