Keanu Reeves Says He Is Open To ‘Yellowstone’ Role


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Keanu Reeves recently told Entertainment Tonight (ET) Canada he would “love” to do a Western like “Yellowstone.”

Reeves is busy on tour promoting the latest “John Wick 4” movie, and he stopped by ET Canada to chat in early March. While there, he discussed whether he’d be interested in a “surprise” role on something like “Yellowstone.”

“I’d love to do a western! So yeah! Sure,” Reeves responded, which I am taking as a green light for the producers over at “Yellowstone” to start getting a deal together. Immediately.

For those who aren’t fans of the iconic television series, the current lead actor is Kevin Costner. But there are significant tensions on set over the filming schedule, which could lead to co-creator Taylor Sheridan killing off Costner’s character in the upcoming seasons.

Matthew McConaughey has already expressed an interest in taking on a significant role in any upcoming seasons and spin-offs. (RELATED: Is ‘Yellowstone’ A Conservative Show Or A Liberal Psy-Op?)

Sheridan also has a slew of other television series in production under his deal with Paramount Network. All of them have space for Reeves. Actually, what I would love to see is Reeves take on a small cameo in every single Sheridan series. How funny and cool would that be?

You can watch the full interview below: