New York Knicks’ Josh Hart Scores Points With Fans After Refusing To Blame Fatigue For Winning Streak Being Snapped

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Seth Roy Contributor
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New York Knicks guard Josh Hart refused to blame fatigue for the team’s Tuesday loss to the Charlotte Hornets, ending a nine-game winning streak.

Following New York’s seven-point loss to the Hornets at Madison Square Garden, a reporter asked Hart if tiredness factored into the Knicks’ loss at all. His response was gold, and it won over the hearts of blue-collar workers who work long hours to supply for themselves and their families.

“Our job is to play basketball. You’ve got people getting up at 6 a.m. doing 12-hour shifts. Those guys are tired.”

That was a slam-dunk answer. Hart acknowledged the hard work of the fans who pay money to watch the Knicks play, and he understands that what he does at the end of the day is just a game.

New York’s loss to Charlotte was the first loss of Hart’s career with the Knicks. The Knicks won nine straight games since Hart was traded to the team in February before the trade deadline. (RELATED: NBA Superstar Ja Morant Appears To Brandish Gun On Instagram Live Amid Controversy)

Hart gave the Knicks a powerful boost off the bench in his first month with the squad. He seems to always make the correct passes, he plays hard-nose defense, and he can catch fire from the three-point line. His energy in New York’s second unit has helped contribute to the team sitting firmly in the Eastern Conference playoff standings.

Even in light of a loss, the Knicks’ acquisition of Hart looks better day after day. Not only is he playing well on the floor, but he’s proving to be an admirable professional off the court as well, which should never go unnoticed.

His refusal to blame burnout on the Knicks’ loss makes me really respect him.