‘I Will Murder Their Children’: Feds Arrest Former Student After Alleged Threats To 9 People At UW-Madison

(Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

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Federal agents arrested a former University of Wisconsin-Madison anthropology graduate student after he reportedly made numerous email threats to students, staff members and faculty at the university prior to traveling to the U.S. on March 10.

Arvin Raj Mathur, 32, was detained upon his arrival from Copenhagen at Detroit Metropolitan Airport after he “knowingly transmitted in interstate and foreign commerce communications containing threats to injure other persons,” at the Madison campus, CBS News Minnesota reported, citing court records.

Mathur reportedly dared two of the threatened individuals to sue him “right away” in one alleged email to an anthropology professor.

“Otherwise, I will murder their children. Call the police and a lawyer, otherwise, I will kill their children and hide their flesh inside of their burger meat,” he added, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Police Investigate Utah Bus Driver Who Allegedly Threatened To Shoot Students)

In total, nine individuals at the university reportedly received such threats from Mathur, among them an assistant professor with the anthropology department whose children’s lives were allegedly threatened.

“If you don’t show [the police] this very threat letter immediately, we will kidnap your daughters and skin them alive,” the email reportedly read, according to The Detroit News. The faculty member told investigators “he found the email disturbing and he was scared for his family’s safety,” the outlet reported.

Another anthropology professor reportedly received a threatening email Feb. 21 not only threatening her family, but detailing threats to herself, as well, according to The Detroit News.

“You are going to be kidnapped and put in a cellar,” the email reportedly read, according to Detroit News. “This is a threat. Call the police, otherwise you will wake up with your legs soaking in hydrofluoric acid. I’m scheduled to be back in Madison. Call the police, otherwise we will punish you.”

Another victim claimed Mathur filed false reports about him with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and several foreign governments alleging he was a “Chinese operative,” Detective Sgt. Peter Grimyser of UW-Madison Police said in an affidavit filed in federal court, the outlet reported.

Mathur, a U.S. citizen, is being held temporarily in Michigan’s St. Clair County Jail without bond and is scheduled for a Tuesday detention hearing, The Detroit News reported.