‘Left-Wing Radicals’: Ted Cruz Says Stanford Law School Is Training Professional Activists

James Lynch Contributor
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Stanford Law School is training professional left wing activists rather than the next generation of lawyers, Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz claimed in a podcast episode released Monday.

Sen. Cruz was responding to a Thursday incident at Stanford Law, at which hundreds of students and an administrator shouted down federal judge Kyle Duncan as he attempted to deliver a speech during an event hosted by the school’s conservative Federalist Society chapter. (RELATED: Stanford Admin Eggs Students On As They Shout Down, Heckle Federal Judge During Talk)

“This is Stanford Law School. They are trying to train social justice warriors. They’re trying to train Occupy Wall Street, burn-it-all-down left-wing radicals. They’re trying to train Antifa. They’re not trying to train lawyers,” Cruz said eight minutes into the latest episode of his podcast, “Verdict with Ted Cruz.”

“I’ve been a lawyer roughly half my life. I have never seen a federal judge on the left or right treated like that, ever! The idea that at Stanford Law School that law students would think it’s appropriate to scream and yell and heckle, can you imagine how people would react if Sonia Sotomayor went to a law school, and a bunch of right-wing law students began screaming and yelling and cursing? People would lose their minds, and quite rightly!”

Stanford Law later wrote a letter apologizing for how Duncan was treated. The letter also apologized for the conduct of Tirien Steinbauch, the school’s associate dean for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), who confronted Duncan and accused him of perpetuating harmful ideas.

A group of Stanford students outraged by the apology letter held a protest Monday outside the classroom of Stanford Law Dean Jenny Martinez. The protestors, dressed in black and white and wearing face masks, stared down Martinez after her class and asserted their right to shout down Duncan’s speech.

It remains unclear whether the students and Steinbauch will be disciplined for the incident.