Vehicle Crashes Into Three Stolen Horses On Freeway, Killing One Rider And Two Horses

[Screenshot/YouTube/Fox 4]

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Three teenagers riding three stolen horses were struck by a vehicle on a Texas freeway March 14, resulting in the deaths of two of the equines and one of the juveniles, according to police.

Just before 6:00 a.m., authorities responded to reports of a hit-and-run on Julius Schepps Freeway, a busy stretch of road southeast of the city, a release from the Dallas Police Department stated Tuesday. Upon arrival, police realized the situation had been greatly misconstrued. Not only was the driver of the vehicle still present on the scene, the victims of the crash had been riding stolen horses, the police allege in the release.

The riders — ages 14, 16, and 17 — reportedly obtained the horses from Lorenza Gooch, who told Fox News 4 that he realized it was his horses involved in the incident when he was watching the news that morning. Gooch also added that though the horses were saddled when the incident occurred, his horses had never been ridden as they were chariot-style racing horses.

“We have what we call a joy cart, and we have a racing bike,” Gooch explained to the outlet.

The accident robbed Gooch of two of his horses, one that died on the scene and another that had to be euthanized by a veterinarian, CNN reported. The third horse, though still alive, was injured, Gooch told Fox News 4. (RELATED: Hawaii Family Wakes Up To Find Their Horse Was Killed, Points Finger At Feral Pig-Hunters Hired By Neighbor)

“She either fell or was struck by something. She’s scarred on the right side a little sore in the hind,” he told the outlet.

Two of the teenaged riders were injured in the incident and taken to a nearby hospital. The third, the 14-year-old, died at the scene, Dallas Police stated in the release.

“They had everything blocked off and that’s when we saw the horses and one guy in the street,” witness Scott Riegler told Fox News 4. “Somebody’s going to have to get that phone call this morning, their son’s not coming home,” Riegler continued.

Though the investigation into the incident is still ongoing, police do not anticipate the driver will face any charges.