Australian Veteran Charged With War Crimes In Afghanistan


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A former Australian SAS soldier was arrested and charged Monday with murder after an investigation into war crimes in Afghanistan.

Oliver Shulz, 41, was arrested in New South Wales, and will face court Tuesday after becoming the first Australian veterans to be charged with a war crime, according to the BBC. If found guilty, he faces a life sentence in prison.

Schulz is said to be Soldier C, who was shown in a 2020 ABC Four Corner documentary on alleged war crimes, shooting Afghan men in a wheat field, the BBC reported. Schulz reportedly fired at the men while they worked the field in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan, in 2012.

The Brereton Report, released in 2020, uncovered “credible evidence” that Australian elite soldiers killed 39 people throughout the Afghan war, the BBC reported. Nineteen current and ex-SAS soldiers could be investigated in relation to the murder of prisoners, farmers, and/or civilizations between 2009 and 2013. (RELATED: ‘Be The F*cking President’: Dems Hammer Biden For Blundering From One Crisis To Another)

The four-year inquiry found that the 39 individuals were allegedly murdered across 23 different incidents, the Guardian reported. Two or more of these individuals were cruelly treated prior to their death, but much of the report redacts the exact details on these incidents. None of those believed to have been killed by Australian special forces service members were combatants.