Man Allegedly Pulled Out Knife, Stabbed Wife To Death During Weekly Bible Study


Alexander Pease Contributor
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A man allegedly killed his wife during a Minnesota Bible study Tuesday.

At a weekly St. Paul, Minnesota session, 40-year-old Robert Castillo allegedly fatally stabbed his wife Corinna Woodhull with a knife while the couple was sitting together at a weekly Christian Bible study, KMOV 4 reported.

While witness accounts conveyed that the married couple seemed to be “getting along” just fine the day of the alleged murder, the couple had been conflicted in the past.

Just before Castillo was said to have stabbed his wife, the man “[whispered] something” to her. (RELATED: Massachusetts Man Wanted For Allegedly Stabbing Elderly Man More Than Two Dozen Times)

The local Minnesota Ramsey County Attorney’s Office charged the man with second-degree murder.

The woman leaves behind 5 children.

Woodhull was formerly a drug addict but is said to have reshaped her life to the point of mentoring a local group of addicts in the recovery process, who was described as “an inspiration and a beacon of hope,” according to the outlet. (RELATED: Jake Paul Says He Did Psychedelic Drug Ayahuasca With Aaron Rodgers)

Her resilience and enthusiasm in overcoming addiction was attributed to the overall betterment of a Biblical recovery group she attended regularly called “Against All Odds Ministries,” its founder Phil Tyler told KMOV.

“It’s powerful. It takes courage to get out of our comfort zone sometimes, and I always tell people your story can change people’s life. And Corinna treated people with love and encouragement and was a beacon of hope for people,” Tyler reminisced to the outlet.

“It hurts to sit here and talk about her not being here,” he added.