Video Shows Carjacker Almost Mowing Down Cops While Crashing Through Parked Cars

Jessica Wilson Jones

Andrew Afifian Contributor
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A shoplifting suspect who was leading police on a foot chase in Washington, D.C., blocks from the Capitol building carjacked a parked Jeep Wrangler while the driver was still in it.

The driver escaped while the suspect proceeded to back up into another parked car and plough into several more while executing a u-turn in front of pursuing officers, cell phone video shows. A witness told the Daily Caller that the suspect tried to take two other cars before he found success with the Jeep. RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: House, Senate GOP To Start ‘DC Home Rule’ Vote To Block District’s New Crime Law)

Metropolitan Police said they were in pursuit of a man for a retail theft on I Street and First in Navy Yard leading up to the dramatic footage, according to a report by NBC Washington. The suspect has so far eluded authorities, who said the suspect is now wanted for stealing a car and for hit and run, the report stated.

Washington, D.C., has seen a three-fold increase in carjackings since 2019, along with rising violent crime generally. The the city council passed a resolution earlier in March over Democratic D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s opposition and veto to lower penalties for many violent criminal offenses.

A resolution in the U.S. Senate, which oversees D.C., blocked the council’s effort. The resolution was later signed into law by President Joe Biden.