Parent Confronts School District Over Allowing ‘Biological Girls’ In Boys’ Locker Room


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A parent raised a firestorm at a school board meeting Tuesday over girls being allowed in the boys’ locker room, according to a video of the event.

Glendale Unified School District parent Jordan Henry confronted the school board, making an accusation that the district’s administration has attempted to shut down those uncomfortable with locker room policies. Henry’s ire stems from the district’s Assistant Superintendent Kelly King stating that coaches uncomfortable with biological girls in the locker room should ignore their feelings of discomfort. (RELATED: Megan Rapinoe Backs Trans Athletes, Says ‘Your Kid’s High School Volleyball Team Just Isn’t That Important’)

“We have male coaches who are horrified at the thought of having a biological girl changing clothes in front of them … It’s not a girl. It’s not a girl. It’s not a girl. You only have boys in the boys locker room,” the assistant superintendent said in a video posted on social media.

This video caused Henry to single out King during his speech at the school board meeting. He claimed that King makes over $250,000, and therefore should be held accountable for her publicly-stated viewpoints.

“Which biological girls are changing clothes in front of coaches in Glendale Unified?” Henry asked in reference to the 2017 video.

“She just said it was a biological girl,” he added.

The board interrupted him, claiming that his statements were a “personal attack” and he should focus on “policy.” He responded, claiming that the he wasn’t attacking King and had the right to speak his mind.

“In discussing permanent records, she states that she keeps permanent records for a handful of trans students literally next to her in her room,” Henry said. “She does not indicate that person’s gender identity for fear that the parent might find out. Why is she concealing this from parents?” he asked.

Henry claimed that parents should be allowed to have access to this information, and that it is wrong to hide information on a child’s gender identity from those in charge of raising the child.

“White liberals ruined this city. It’s gotta get worse before it gets better — too bad people get hurt in the meantime,” Henry tweeted.