NASA Issues Warning Over Incoming Asteroid


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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NASA updated their next five asteroid approaches to include an enormous 150-foot rock that will fly by Earth on Thursday.

An asteroid called “2023 FZ” will whiz past Earth and an incredibly close proximity of 1.8 million miles, according to updates from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. While many social media users may laugh at the distance this asteroid will fly past, in cosmic terms, it’s basically like a bullet whizzing directly past your ear after being fired from a pistol an inch from your jawline.

One wrong move or one sudden change could see the space rock hurtling into Earth, causing widespread destruction and death. But hopefully this won’t happen and we won’t end up like the dinosaurs.

NASA has been ramping up efforts to spot as many Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) as possible in recent months, particularly since every single international space agency missed one massive asteroid on its way to Earth back at the start of 2023. Asteroid ‘2023 BU’ flew closer to Earth than the orbit of most of our satellites in January. It was spotted at the last minute by amateaur astronomer Gennadiy Borisov in Crimea. (RELATED: Asteroid Spotted On Video Over Small Town In England)

In October 2022, NASA successfully altered the trajectory of an asteroid. The Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia is also now being employed to track NEOs, so hopefully our threat-level from cosmic annihilation diminishes in coming years.