18-Year-Old Busted For Allegedly Impersonating A Cop After Pulling Over Real Police Officer In Fake Traffic Stop

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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An 18-year-old Michigan man was arrested after he allegedly pulled over a real officer while impersonating a cop in a fake traffic stop, according to police.

Oakland County police charged Christian Katan Mansoor with a misdemeanor after he tried to make a traffic stop on a car driven by an off-duty officer, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office announced Wednesday.

The incident unfolded Monday after 11:00 p.m., when deputies received a call from the off-duty officer reporting that someone, subsequently identified as Mansoor, was driving a silver BMW with red and blue flashing lights. Mansoor “positioned his vehicle behind hers in an attempt to conduct a traffic stop,” the officer said, according to the press release.

The off-duty officer told police she let Mansoor pass her before following him to confront him. Upon confrontation, Mansoor allegedly claimed to be a Detroit police officer from the 12th Precinct, prompting the off-duty officer to ask for an ID. Mansoor said he needed to get it from his car and then fled the scene, according to the press release. (RELATED: Video Shows Carjacker Almost Mowing Down Cops While Crashing Through Parked Cars)

The off-duty officer allegedly followed Mansoor to a trailer park, and deputies were able to track down the vehicle as well as Mansoor, “who was switching license plates from the BMW to another BMW he owned,” the press release reads. Mansoor allegedly then fled on foot but police tracked him down and arrested him.

Mansoor was arraigned Wednesday on one charge of impersonating a public officer and was released on a $5,000 bond.