Scientific Evidence Revealed Behind The Shroud Of Turin Mystery

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A study published in 2022 found evidence dating the Shroud of Turin to roughly 2000 years ago.

Though the research is not necessarily new by short-term standards, CBN published an extensive article detailing how the evidence weaves the story of the Shroud’s existence. The Shroud is made up of linen, and is believed to be the burial garment of Jesus Christ, according to Britannica.

The markings on the Holy Shroud appear to depict a peaceful-looking man’s face with crucifixion wounds in his body, as well as lacerations from floggings on the back and blood. “It seems so peaceful in comparison to the violence that you see all over the rest of the body,” Museum of the Bible curator Brian Hyland told CBN.

Though there have been questions over the authenticity of the Shroud throughout history, many of the theories surrounding its existence have been debunked. This includes the reigning conspiracy that the shroud was created by Leonardo da Vinci as one of the first ever photographs in history.

“The Shroud has been publicly shown 100 years before da Vinci was born. He was a good artist, but it wasn’t that good,” Barrie Schwortz, who photographed the Shroud in the 1970s, told CBN. He also touched upon previous studies conducted on samples taken from the Shroud.

“The only single sample they took did not represent anywhere else on the cloth because it had been manipulated,” he continued. (RELATED: Christian Movie ‘Jesus Revolution’ Breaks Two Major Movie Records)

As for the pollen study, it revealed the extensive travel the Shroud has taken throughout its existence. “The pollen samples that were gathered they, a lot of them are from plants that are native to not just the Middle East, but specifically the area around Judea, Palestine, and Syria and stay where it was in that time period,” Hyland told CBN. “There’s also pollen from the area around Constantinople. There’s a lot of pollen from Europe.”

More research is needed to 100% confirm the authenticity of the Shroud, but it’s place in history will be a constant forever. The fact it exists in the first place is “miraculous” another expert told CBN.