The Pat McAfee Show Discusses Allegations Of An Alien Sighting At Donald Trump Hearing

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Holy cow, this is hilarious!

The Pat McAfee Show has no problem getting into the funny, but they rarely stray away from the sports realm, specifically with the NFL. However, things went sideways Tuesday as the crew started talking about… aliens. Yes, aliens.

There’s a video circulating online of a “potential alien” (I couldn’t help but to giggle as I typed that up) that was at the most recent Donald Trump hearing, and well…

I’m just gonna let you watch it for yourself:

Yeah, I admit the video was weird, but who honestly knows what was going on in this video. It could have easily been glitches, somebody could have edited it, I have a hard time trusting people in 2023. People lie, man. And a lot. (RELATED: Tampa Bay Rays Tie 23-Year-Old Record With Elite 11-0 Start To Season)

But like I said, the video is bizarre regardless. In fact, it was so bizarre that the crew of The Pat McAfee Show couldn’t help but to chime in:

By the way, if you didn’t notice, the alien tweet was a response to an Elon Musk tweet proclaiming that he was an alien:

Everything about this story is just outright hilarious.