DeMar DeRozan’s Daughter Is Getting All The Credit For Chicago’s Huge Playoff Win Over The Toronto Raptors

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What a proud dad DeMar DeRozan has to be.

The Chicago Bulls weren’t just in a different city when they entered enemy territory Wednesday night, they were in an entirely different country as they played the Toronto Raptors on the road in the NBA Play-In Tournament. As a result, the Bulls didn’t have many fans rooting them on.

However, there was one, and she ended up making more of an impact than the entire rest of the Scotiabank Arena.

Diar DeRozan, the nine-year-old daughter of Chicago star forward DeMar DeRozan, was screaming at the Raptors players every time they shot a free throw, and it appeared to work as the Bulls scored a 109-105 win, giving them an opportunity to play for the No. 8 seed in the Eastern Conference. And not only was it a victory for Chi-Town, it was a comeback!

You know how they say numbers don’t lie?

Check this out: From the free-throw line, Toronto shot a dismal 18-0f-36 (50%), and only losing by four, that was definitely one of the biggest reasons (if not the biggest) of why the Raptors lost.

So statistically, you can honestly say that Diar DeRozan got the victory for the Chicago Bulls.

It might sound funny, but it’s true.

Chicago, you can thank Diar DeRozan for this dub. She might carry you all the way to the NBA Finals at this pace. (RELATED: Umpire Gets Rocked In The Head By Thrown Ball During New York Yankees-Cleveland Guardians Game)

And it’s crazy … now my Miami Heat have to deal with this Friday night. Terrible, just terrible.