Elon Musk Warns Tucker About ‘Potential Of Civilization Destruction’ By Artificial Intelligence

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James Lynch Contributor
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Billionaire Twitter CEO Elon Musk warned Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson about how artificial intelligence (AI) could potentially destroy civilization.

Carlson announced Friday that his upcoming interview with Musk will air Monday. Fox released a clip from the interview Friday featuring Musk’s warning about artificial intelligence.

“AI is more dangerous than, say, mismanaged aircraft design or production maintenance or bad car production,” Musk said. “In the sense that it has the potential — however small one may regard that probability, but it is non-trivial — it has the potential of civilization destruction.” (RELATED: ‘You Just Lied’: Elon Musk Presses BBC Journalist Who Said There’s A Rise In Hateful Content On Twitter)

Musk in March signed his name to a letter by AI researchers urging AI companies to pause experiments for at least six months. The letter has over 30,000 signatures and describes the potential risks posed by AI systems competing with humans.

Still, Musk is reportedly working on an artificial intelligence startup to challenge ChatGPT, the viral AI chatbot taking the tech world by storm. He is assembling a team of researchers, including former Google AI researcher Igor Babuschkin, at his new AI startup, according to the Financial Times. Musk was an early investor in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, and derided AI as “woke” because of its left-leaning political bias.