Woman Accused Of Shoplifting Has Emergency C-Section After Getting Shot By Walgreens Employee, Police Say

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Peter Khawand Contributor
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A young woman underwent an emergency C-section after getting shot by a Walgreens employee for allegedly shoplifting, police say.

The employee, 21-year-old Walgreens team leader Mitarius Boyd, had been notified by another employee about two women who were allegedly shoplifting in the store, according to a Thursday press release from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department. Boyd said he began recording the two women and followed them out to their car, at which point one of the women allegedly began spraying him with a can of mace. Boyd then pulled out his pistol and began firing in a moment of panic, according to the statement.

Police say one of the alleged shoplifters was 24-year-old Travonsha Ferguson, who was seven months pregnant. The second alleged shoplifter reportedly dropped Ferguson off at General Hospital after they left the scene, and she was later transferred to “Vanderbilt” with multiple gunshot wounds, the press release continued.

Ferguson’s unborn child, who was reportedly not injured during the incident, was delivered via C-section at the hospital, according to the press release. Both Ferguson and her baby are in critical but stable condition at the time of writing.

Police are currently investigating whether Boyd had a valid self-defense claim. Officers confirmed Boyd complied with detectives and that his weapon and cellphone have been seized, according to the press release. Once the investigation has finished, findings will be filed with the District Attorney’s Office to determine whether Boyd will be charged.