Influencer Admits She Killed Two Cats As A Child, Immediately Gets Hit With Fierce Backlash

[Public/Screenshot/Instagram — User: @EmmaClaiir]

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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An Australian influencer admitted Monday that she killed two cats as a child.

“I killed my cat … My sister did not speak to me for months—months—and my mum was fucking fuming at me, and yeah, I killed it,” said Emma Claiir, the 28-year-old influencer and co-host of the Simply Chaotic podcast. (RELATED: Bad-A** Cat Gets Shot By Arrow, Believed To Have Taken Arrow Out By Himself)

“And then, if you really want to know more about me, I also killed my best friend’s cat,” she added, laughing hysterically.

Makeup and skincare brand MCoBeauty dropped Claiir after the influencer made the confession.

“To the poeple [sic] offended by my story in today’s simplychaotic episode that I just shared … It happened 21 years ago. I was a small child … Accidents happen and you all need to chill,” she wrote on an Instagram story, reported.

The Australian influencer then posted another story on Instagram about the dead felines. After apologizing, she added, “I am very well aware hat the story was not light humour and in fact very serious. It was not intended to come across the way that it did as it was simply just a story from the past about an accident that was made as a little kid but I can see how it has come across like that.”

Claiir also admitted on her Simply Chaotic podcast that she has severe anger issues takes antidepressants to manage it and that she broke someone’s nose as a child. “I’m the mental health queenie,” she said.