Miami Mayor Rips Ron DeSantis, Says ‘He Seems To Struggle With Relationships’


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Republican Miami Mayor Francis Suarez criticized Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ social skills and cast doubt over whether he could win the presidency in a Thursday interview.

Suarez said in an interview with “Fox and Friends” that he believes DeSantis struggles with forging strong relationships with those around him. (RELATED: Trump Team Unveils ‘Pudding Fingers’ Ad Against DeSantis)

“He seems to struggle with relationships generally. I look people in the eye when I shake their hands,” Suarez said.

Suarez added that DeSantis’ lack of social skills can be seen in his struggle to keep former President Donald Trump from gaining endorsements in the Florida Legislature. Suarez claimed that DeSantis used an intermediary to call legislators for support rather than making personal calls.

“He’s had a real struggle with the Florida Congressional delegation, most of which are supporting the former president. There was an article last night that talked about the fact that he wasn’t even calling people personally, that his fundraiser was the one, or his pollster was the one that was calling congressional leaders for support,” Suarez added. “I think it was Vernon Buchanan that came out in the Washington Post last night.”

The Miami Mayor then contrasted his own social skills to DeSantis, claiming that he understands how to be a more social and interpersonal politician. Suarez stated that he’s recently been to a number of states featured in the upcoming GOP primary, and that retail politicking skills are necessary to succeed in them.

“I’m comfortable being a retail politician. I’m comfortable talking to people,” Suarez said. “I was in South Carolina, and Iowa, and Nevada. These are states that are approximately the size of Miami-Dade County.”

DeSantis and Suarez reportedly have a frosty relationship and rarely talk. Suarez is reportedly considering a presidential run, and DeSantis is widely considered to be a major contender for the GOP nomination if he decides to enter the race.