Los Angeles Angels Manager Phil Nevin Lands Double Ejection; Only 10 Others Have Done So, First Time Since 1985

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The 2023 MLB season is young, but has been full of fireworks — and here we go again.

The New York Yankees landed a 3-2 extra-innings victory Wednesday night over the Los Angeles Angels, but it’s what happened during the game that’s stealing the headlines. Los Angeles manager Phil Nevin was tossed, but not just once, but twice in a very, very … very rare double ejection.

Nevin was hit with a single ejection and was set to leave, but a second umpire ended up tossing the manager after his complaints about a Mike Trout-checked swing.

Originally, Trout thought that the pitch from Clay Holmes was a ball, however, first base umpire Will Little said that Trout chased the ball. With two runners on base and dealing with a 3-2 full count, Trout was irritated with the call.

Nevin then came out of the dugout and escalated the situation by yelling at Little, which landed him his first ejection. But that didn’t stop Nevin, as he continued to rant about the call, which then resulted in home plate umpire Lance Barksdale throwing Nevin out again, giving him the double ejection.

The Angels manager is only the 11th skipper in the entire history of Major League Baseball to ever receive two ejections in the same day, and the first since 1985 when Baltimore Orioles manager Earl Weaver got tossed out twice. It should also be noted that these statistics are based on doubleheader ejections, with managers receiving two ejections in one day — Nevin managed to do it in the same game. (I was unable to find any records of that particular data)

Soak it in, ladies and gentlemen, because this is history that we might not see again for quite a long time. (RELATED: Tampa Bay Lightning-Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Fight Leads To Helmets Getting Blown Off And A Player-Fan Chirpfest)

Very cool that we were able to witness it. Very, very cool.