Tampa Bay Lightning-Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Fight Leads To Helmets Getting Blown Off And A Player-Fan Chirpfest

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And this is why we love playoff hockey, ladies and gentlemen!

During the Game 2 contest of the Eastern Conference 1st Round playoff series between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Toronto Maple Leafs (a game that the Maple Leafs won in a blowout, 7-2), Lightning left wing Tanner Jeannot and Maple Leafs defenseman Luke Schenn got into a glorious fight.

With 11:17 to go in the third period, Jeannot and Schenn started throwing blows, and the hits would be so hard from both players that each of their helmets completely got blown off in the process.

Just check out this beautiful playoff intensity:

Like normal, both Schenn and Jeannot were sent to the penalty box for five minutes, however, when Jeannot got to his box, he started being chirped at by a Maple Leafs fan in a yellow hoodie.

But Jeannot wasn’t phased at all, he just fantastically chirped back, which set off a chirpfest between the two.

It was so great:

And then later in the game, you had the “Perry sucks” chants blasting in Toronto after Tampa Bay right wing Corey Perry landed a 10-minute misconduct that ended his night.

How can you not love playoff hockey?

The intensity is higher than a boiling point when we get to the postseason in the NHL, it’s the nature of the beast. Like, the fight for example, that wasn’t the only one we’ve seen where helmets have blown off. (RELATED: Philadelphia 76ers’ Joel Embiid And James Harden Both Hit Brooklyn Nets Players In The Groin During 102-97 Game 3 Win)

You had this instance that happened Thursday night as well between the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils:

God, I love playoff hockey.