Nikki Haley Slams Media For Stirring Up Drama About Her Outfit Choice

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

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2024 GOP primary candidate Nikki Haley slammed a journalist Thursday for bringing up the dress she wore at her daughter’s wedding.

Haley posted a screenshot of an email by Newsweek reporter Gerrard Kaonga in which he alleges some people thought her dress was too close in color to her daughter’s. Kaonga reportedly asked whether Haley and her daughter discussed their dress choices prior to the wedding.

Haley said that the email is an example of why the public has low trust in the media, and implied that the question was part of a larger pattern of politically-biased journalistic harassment against conservatives. (RELATED: ‘A New Generation’: Nikki Haley Declares Presidential Run)

“This is why people don’t trust the media. Liberal “journalists” spend their time harassing conservatives about outfit choices. Grow up, @Newsweek P.S. The dress was gold,”

Haley on Sunday posted a picture of her family at her daughter’s wedding.

“We had the sweetest weekend celebrating Rena and Josh,” Haley tweeted. “Thankful for our sweet family and friends who joined us in supporting and celebrating them. Rena and Josh, we could not be more proud of both of you!”

A few Twitter users noticed that Haley’s dress was close in color to her daughters.

“… Why are you dressed like a bride at your daughter’s wedding?????” one user tweeted.

“Why are you basically wearing white and gripping the groom? creepy.” another user tweeted.

“Which woman in a white dress is getting married here?” another user tweeted.

Fox News media reporter Joseph A. Wulfsohn also criticized attention to the dress critics, saying that they were few in number and that positive reactions outnumbers the negative.

“I just looked into the so-called “backlash.” Apparently Newsweek is reporting on the roughly *eight* tweets from random Twitter users and even fewer Instagram comments knocking a photo of Nikki Haley from her daughter’s wedding. Most reactions were overwhelmingly positive,” Wulfsohn tweeted.