Steven Crowder Responds To Video Showing Argument With Pregnant Wife

[Screenshot/Twitter/Public — User: Steven Crowder]

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Conservative commentator and comedian Steven Crowder responded on Friday to the release of a video that showed him arguing with his pregnant then-wife.

Journalist Yashar Ali released over three minutes of video showing the conservative commentator and his wife, Hilary, in a heated discussion. One part of the video shows Crowder criticizing his wife on their patio for not performing “wifely duties.” Hilary tells Stephen that his “abuse is sick.” (RELATED: Steven Crowder’s Wife Releases Home Video Showing What Her Camp Calls ‘Abuse’)

Crowder addressed the video on social media, reiterating earlier requests to respect his family’s privacy as they continue divorce proceedings. Crowder added that privacy was also mandated “by court order agreed upon by all parties.”

The conservative commentator claimed that the released videos were were not entirely accurate and dismissed Ali as “tabloid press.” He claimed that failing marriages such as his can sometimes get ugly. “Broken marriages are ugly, and in them people do ugly things.” Crowder said.

“However, due to recent misleadingly-edited leaks to the tabloid press without context and not subject to consequences of the court, well if not privacy the next best option is truth,” Crowder added.

Crowder said that he filed a motion to unseal all files that are part of the legal record. Crowder said these files would include “finances, relevant medical records including mental health history … depositions, and any motions or sanctions from the courts of Texas.”

The podcast host claimed that he would not discuss any private information related to his marriage, but would address the “irrefutable legal record in full context next week.”

Crowder first announced his divorce from his wife on Tuesday, calling it his “deepest personal failure.”