Man Sues Trump Resort After Losing Part Of Toe, Foot

[Screenshot/YouTube/Sunny Isles Beach Miami]

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A New Jersey man is suing a Trump resort in Florida, alleging he sustained burns to his feet from the pool deck in August, causing him to lose part of his toe and foot.

Theoharis Lekas, 52, suffered third-degree burns to both feet while vacationing at the Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles, according to the New York Post. Lekas, who suffers from diabetic neuropathy in his feet, alleged he could not feel his feet burning and only realized he was injured on the final day of his trip when he attempted to put on a pair of socks and noticed his feet were peeling, the outlet stated.

When Lekas returned home, the condition of his feet reportedly worsened with his right foot developing a “bullet-hole-shaped ulcer” that continued to widen and deepen until it reached his bone, the New York Post reported. Afterwards, Lekas claimed his foot became swollen and one of his toes turned gangrenous, forcing medical officials to amputate, the outlet stated.

Lekas alleged the resort had no warning signs for patrons recommending the use of footwear while on the deck, nor did they make any effort to cool down the deck for their guests, the outlet reported. As such, Lekas contends his life has been “irrevocably and seriously impaired” by his stay at the resort, adding he has been told to “expect further injuries” due to the nature of his wounds.

Not owned directly by former President Donald Trump, the Trump International Beach Resort falls under the wider umbrella of the Trump Organization and promises guests “a world of difference” for each day spent at the oceanfront resort. (RELATED: Trump Built A Business Empire. Before Becoming President-What Does It Look Like Now?)

A request for comment from the Trump International Beach Resort by The Daily Caller was not immediately returned.