‘Now They Want To Point The Finger’: Leo Terrell Goes Off On Lori Lightfoot Over Her Outrage Against Greg Abbott

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Fox News contributor and civil rights attorney Leo Terrell went off on Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Monday over her expressing outrage toward Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott over illegal immigration.

Lightfoot urged Abbott in a Sunday letter to stop busing migrants to her city from border cities in his state. The Texas governor bussed migrants to liberal cities, including Chicago and New York City, after President Joe Biden’s administration announced the future expiration of Title 42, which has led to the expulsion of over one million migrants since taking effect.

Terrell said Lightfoot should shift her anger toward the Democrats and the Biden administration for the worsening migrant crisis.

“It’s so embarrassing what lame duck Lori Lightfoot is stating, that it’s a problem that Greg Abbott is creating,” Terrell said. “All she’s got to do is look east and go and pick up the phone and call Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the most incompetent Department of Homeland Security chief ever, Alejandro Mayorkas, and tell them to enforce the border! Mayorkas is unlikeable by his own border people. The problem is very simple. They encourage immigration.”

“They have allowed this and who’s hurting? Americans,” he continued. “Americans are hurting because the Democratic policy is no border. They have gaslight[ed] this country for two years and now they want to point the finger at Congress. No, point the finger at Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Mayorkas.”

Lightfoot told “CNN This Morning” on Monday that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) should interfere in the crisis and assist Chicago in managing the influx of migrants arriving at the city. Terrell, a former Democrat, said Lightfoot refuses to “blame the people who are responsible” and did not show any concern a year prior when the migrants began arriving. (RELATED: ‘War By The Extreme Left’: Leo Terrell Goes Off On FBI Targeting Traditional Catholic Churches)

“She won’t blame the people who are responsible!” he continued. “The Democrats! The Democrats are responsible for the border crisis everyday and they get help, Sandra, because the mainstream media will not cover this. The ultimate problem is very simple, the Democrats are trying to shift the blame because we have an open border. If they would have kept the Trump policies in place, we would not have this problem, Sandra. The Democrats have welcomed sanctuary cities throughout the country.”

He then commended Lightfoot for criticizing American Federation of Teachers (AFT) president Randi Weingarten during her Monday interview with CNN. The Chicago mayor said the union did not work with city officials to reopen schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The only thing I will ever agree with Lori Lightfoot [on] is how she threw Randi Weingarten under the bus,” Terrell said. “Randi Weingarten does not care about public school children, she cares about Joe Biden and Jill Biden calling her the greatest education president. Kids suffer in the public schools and that was the result of Randi Weingarten.”