DNC Funded Prominent Pro-Biden Social Media Influencer Who Reportedly Has Access To The White House, Records Show

Screenshot, Harry Sisson, Twitter

James Lynch Contributor
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The Democratic National Committee (DNC) paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to the employer of liberal social media influencer Harry Sisson known for his pro-Biden content.

Sisson is a content creator for Palette management and a student at New York University, according to his LinkedIn page. Palette is a marketing firm that received $210,000 from the DNC during the 2022 election cycle, public records show. He began working for Palette in Oct. 2022, the same month when the DNC gave Palette $200,000 for paid media.

Sisson boasts over 680,000 followers on TikTok, the popular video sharing app owned by a China-based tech firm, and over 140,000 followers on Twitter. (RELATED: TikTok Parent Company ‘Monitors’ And ‘Suppresses’ Posts About Trump, Uyghurs: REPORT)

Additionally, Sisson himself received $6,000 from well known Democratic Super PAC MeidasTouch for social media consulting in Aug. and Oct. 2022, ahead of the 2022 midterms, records show.

Hundreds of TikTok influencers have been given access to the Biden White House as part of the administration’s social media strategy, Axios reported in April. Sisson is one of the influencers described by Axios as “unpaid, independent content creators” with connections to the Biden administration.

“We actually asked the White House, ‘When are we going to get press briefing passes?,'” Sisson told the outlet. The administration was responsive to the idea of TikTok influencers getting their own briefing room in the White House, Axios continued.

Sisson’s ties to the DNC and MeidasTouch were first highlighted by YouTuber NuanceBro, who called out Sisson and his collaborator Chris Mowrey on Twitter in late April. Mowrey is also a Palette content creator with more than 200,000 TikTok followers and 30,000 Twitter followers.

Sisson posted a video on April 30 responding to “MAGA trolls” who pointed out his connections to the DNC and said “that is simply not true.” Fact checkers using Twitter’s community notes feature attached information about Sisson and Palette management beneath the video.

Comedian Tim Dillon asked Sisson and Mowrey if they were paid by the DNC two minutes into a Tuesday bonus episode of his podcast. Sisson told Dillon “that’s just like a conspiracy” and admitted “[they] should be first in line” for DNC paychecks because of their support for Biden.