90s Star Sophie B. Hawkins Takes Credit For Coining The Phrase ‘Omnisexual’

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Nineties singing sensation Sophie B. Hawkins indicated she coined the phrase “omnisexual” and took credit for the current use of the term in a May 4 interview with People.

Hawkins discussed what it was like for her to come out in the 90s and explained why she thinks that transitional period led to the development of the phrase “omnisexual.”

“I took omni and I took sexual and I put them together, and I said, ‘This represents me,'” Hawkins told People. At the time, it was “a very new concept,” she said.

“People did not pick up on it, and they just said, ‘Ah, you’re gay. You’re gay. You’re gay,” she continued. She recognized that now, “omnisexual is actually a thing.”

“The words that I put together and coined are now actually one of the definitions,” she told the outlet.

“I was a little ahead of my time on that one,” she said.

“My sexuality is not based on my gender, and it’s not defined by your gender,” Hawkins continued, remembering the words she once spoke to a male journalist.

Hawkins said the topic was very taboo around the time she came out, and that she knew her business relationships and contracts were all on the line.

“Sony got mad,” she recalled. “I was talking about it on pop radio, on the morning shows, and people were very angry at me, but there were some people who were very grateful to me.” (RELATED: Superstar Model Emily Ratajkowski Appears To Reveal Bisexuality In Video)

Hawkins highlighted how she brought the topic forward at a time when many resisted discussing it.

“In my mind, it was time to start talking about, ‘Gender shouldn’t oppress us. Gender should free us. It’s a creative discussion.’ But in 1992, no one else was talking about it,” she told People.