‘These People Want Us Dead’: Trans Reddit Users Cancel Visits To Florida Disney Park Over Parental Rights Bill

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Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Transgender people are reportedly frightened to make trips to Disney World in Florida over parental rights legislation in the state.

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill aimed at protecting parental rights in schools by limiting classroom discussions of adult topics. DeSantis has also voiced support for a full ban on child sex changes. The state’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) ruled in August that it would no longer use Medicaid funds to pay for transgender treatments.

“If someone found out that I’m trans could Florida take my kids away even if I am a resident of Washington State?” one person asked on Reddit. (RELATED: ‘Fealty And Total Agreement’: Pro-Gay Musician Slams Trans Movement After Pride Parade Rescinds Invitation)

The Florida House passed a law in April that would authorize the state to remove children from custody if parents agreed to doctors performing sex change procedures on them. A Washington Post analysis found that, under the law, the state can’t “take trans teens from their parents.” Florida does not have a law to remove children from transgender-identified parents either.

“I’m very worried that something really awful could happen, but I also don’t want to break my kid’s heart about the trip. What should I do?”

“I wouldn’t feel safe, no,” a commenter responded. “Even if you get past the bathroom thing, and even if the outright kidnapping bill is unconstitutional, rolling the dice with cops or the state for a trip to Disney World doesn’t seem worth it.”

“I would not risk it at all. These people want us dead,” another commented.

The Central Florida Tourism Oversight Board approved a counter-suit from Ron DeSantis against Disney in May, days after Disney announced a lawsuit against the Governor which accused him of launching a “targeted campaign of government retaliation.” The legal tête-à-tête began when Walt Disney Co. released a statement in opposition of a Florida bill banning discussions of sex and sexuality with young students through the third grade, legislation which DeSantis supported.

LGBT-identified Disney fans told NBC News Friday that they were afraid to visit Disney World in Florida after a travel advisory issued by the advocacy group Equality Florida warned tourists of “risks posed to the health, safety, and freedom of those considering short or long term travel.”

“I do believe that it will be a safe space, but everything around it, everything else you have to do to get there is scary right now,” one fan, Uriel Diaz, said.

Another Florida resident, who said he was a Disney annual pass holder, told NBC his partner and he were coming up with an “evacuation plan.”

“My partner brought up to me the other day, like, ‘We need to come up with our evacuation plan if and when things start to get real,’” Don Ford said. “If something doesn’t change, I can foresee things getting really bad here in Florida.”