This Dude Got LeBron James Shaved Into His Head And It’ll Be One Of The Greatest Laughs You’ll Have Today

[Instagram/Screenshot/Public — @newstyle84]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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I died laughing when I saw this.

The Los Angeles Lakers have some pretty iconic logos. You, of course, have their priprincipal Lakers logo with the purple font over a yellow basketball. You have the flashy purple ‘L’ over a smaller yellow ball. And not to mention the color schemes that they have using purple, yellow, black and white. It’s a sexy brand, without a doubt.

But one Lakers fan decided to ratchet up his fandom. Instead of using the normal logos and color schemes, my man (and I use that term loosely) decided to get a hair stylist — who is listed with the handle @Newstyle84 on Instagram (that guy is about to get so much publicity) — to literally shave LeBron James into his head.

Check this out:

Wow … where do I start?

First off, I can’t knock the hair stylist here. I do feel like it’s a bit crooked or slanted (something is slightly off there), but overall, this is impressive work with a hair clipper. It looks exactly like LeBron, and he touched the hair exactly how he needed to bring the image to life. And my favorite has to be the beard. Dude, I died laughing when I saw that. It was hilarious, but at the same time, that’s some pretty solid work.

Now as far as the guy who got that haircut done? (RELATED: Charles Barkley And Shaq Get Accused Of Making Fun Of Los Angeles Lakers’ Anthony Davis After Suffering Head Injury)

Why? Just … why?

The cringe is real.