Video Shows Youth Baseball Coach Tackling Umpire In Outright Wild Scene

Public/Facebook/Screenshot — Sheri Powers

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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People really do lose their minds at youth baseball games.

A youth baseball coach was caught on camera tackling an umpire during a “Grand Slam Baseball Alabama” 11U tournament over the weekend, according to video shared on social media.

A woman named Sheri Powers published the video on her Facebook page Saturday, which showed a coach and umpire arguing before the former tackled the latter. Things escalated after the coach got upset about a call that was made, according to Powers.

“This coach tried to fight the ump. Yikes!! So classless,” Powers wrote. “This coach ATTACKED this ump. Team should be disqualified from the tournament.”

Check out the insanity for yourself:

Here we go again with more of this nonsense at youth baseball games.

It’s crazy. It seems that it doesn’t matter whether it’s a parent, coach, umpire, whatever it may be … any adult involved with a youth baseball game has the capability to completely lose their mind at any point during a game. I, of course, am only semi-joking here, but with all of the craziness we’ve seen, it truly appears that way. (RELATED: Gambling Scandals Are Popping Up Left And Right In Sports … Here’s Another One. What On Earth Is Going On?)

It wasn’t even that long ago when I wrote about a high school baseball game, where a dad ended up getting charged with a felony after knocking out a military veteran umpire. And now here we go with this incident.

It just happens way too much (and shouldn’t happen at all). People need to chill out.