The Border Wall Is Not Looking Like Such A Bad Idea Now, Eh?

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Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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Ask any casual political observer about the recent trend of Republican governors busing illegals to Democrat-run sanctuary cities and you’re likely to get the same answer: It’s a “stunt.”

A Republican might agree with the policy on its face, but would likely concede it is unlikely to make any real difference on the border. The number of people sent to big cities like New York, Chicago, and D.C. pales in comparison to the record-breaking flow arriving at the border each day. At the same time, the policy does anger Democrats to an unreasonable extent, a prerequisite achievement for any Republican seeking to make a splash on the national political scene.

Democrats meanwhile would be much more likely to use hysterical, doomsday language to describe the policy. It’s not just a busing policy, but a busing crisis worthy of big cities declaring a state of emergency. It is nothing more than a “cruel stunt” that reveals Republicans’ extremism.

Both Democrats and Republicans are wrong however; the strategy is in fact much more than a “stunt.” Busing migrants to major Democratic strongholds has actually achieved a concrete GOP political goal: it has created a political wedge between major figures in the Democratic party.

As Axios reported Tuesday morning, “New York Mayor Eric Adams, the highest profile Black mayor in the country, has gotten so crossways with the White House that he was dropped from Biden’s 2024 campaign advisory board before it was announced last week.” Adams was reportedly set to be a “key surrogate” for the campaign, but has likely been discarded due to his willingness to publicly and harshly criticize the administration over its immigration policies. (RELATED: Stupid Or Sinister? Democrats’ Real Plan After Title 42)

Adams has in fact largely blamed Republicans, even implying that Texas Gov. Greg Abbot was a racist for busing migrants to “Black-run cities” like New York. However, Adams said in a statement last month that “The president and the White House have failed this city.” The Democratic Party certainly cannot allow such blasphemy.

Most of the media focus has been on internal divisions within the Republican party. This, of course, is what the media would like to see more of. However, the Biden-Adams rift represents the first major division within the Democratic party this election cycle. It is particularly salient given that Democrats are notoriously unified, at least publicly, to impose ideological conformity across all of the party’s major social platforms.

Furthermore, this is unlikely to be an isolated incident. With the end of Title 42, the border crisis is set to get worse – much worse. With an estimated 11,000-13,000 arrivals soon to be at the border each day and the election season about to kick off in earnest, expect Republican governors to ramp up their busing policy. (RELATED: ‘Democrats Don’t Have Clean Hands’: NBC Host Pushes Back Against Dem Senator Over Border Crisis)

More notable, however, is that other Democrat mayors likely agree with Adams, Axios reported. As the migrants crisis worsens, and more liberal mayors face a strain on their cities’ public services, more internal divisions are likely to rip at the seams. These mayors will be stuck between their own constituents who feel the pain of taking in migrants and their loyalty to the national party that bucks no dissent. Ideology also plays a role. It will be difficult for leaders of these self-proclaimed sanctuary cities to admit that diversity isn’t always a strength.

However, if faced with falling poll numbers on their home turf, expect these leaders to turn against both party and principle. Public divisions could make the Democrats appear unfocused in the upcoming election and show more moderate liberal voters who feel forced to conform to party orthodoxy that dissent is possible. In the long-term, it may ultimately be good for the country if Democrats are finally forced to acknowledge some ideological diversity. (RELATED: ‘This Should Not Be Happening’: Eric Adams Calls Out Biden Over Migrants In New York City)

The decision to shove Adams aside reveals a weak but vicious administration, and likely portends an even more vitriolic campaign than Americans are already accustomed to. It shows that Biden is so insecure in his campaign position that he cannot accept any dissent whatsoever. He is unwilling to acknowledge any opposing views, even to find a solution to a very real problem that is likely to hurt both the country and his campaign. He would rather pretend the problem doesn’t exist and discard anyone who says otherwise.