‘The Answer Is Nuanced’: Musk Says Biden Won In 2020 But Trump’s Election Fraud Claims Are Not Entirely False

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk told CNBC’s David Faber Tuesday night he doesn’t believe the 2020 election was stolen, but there was a small amount of fraud.

Musk joined the network to discuss a range of topics, including Tesla stock and Twitter.

“President Trump is allowed back on the platform. He hasn’t actually come back, but one would imagine, if and when he does, or there are others who will say: the 2020 elections were rigged … is that something, I assume that’s not something you believe?,” Faber asked.

“I think the answer is nuanced, like, do I believe Biden won? Yes I believe he won,” Musk said.

Musk added he wishes the U.S. had a “normal human being as president” and someone who is competent.

“Unfortunately, we live in highly-partisan times, where there is war about everything, including ideas, including the truth. Which gets back to: it’s not true that the election in 2020 was rigged,” Faber said. “It wasn’t stolen. And I wonder on the platform, when you see that, does that end up in a community note, or is that something you take no action on?”

“To be clear, I don’t think it was a stolen election. But by the same token, if somebody is going to say, that there was never any election fraud anywhere, this is obviously also false,” Musk said. (RELATED: US Virgin Islands Subpoenas Elon Musk In Jeffrey Epstein Lawsuit)

“This election was audited,” Faber said. “So many judges, I mean it went on and on and on. There was no, nothing, whatsoever. I don’t know want to debate this with you. My question is more about –”

“I think it’s more to say, in any given election… if you have 100 million votes, there’s got to be some amount of fraud that is not zero,” Musk stated.

“It’s important to acknowledge that without saying that the fraud was of sufficient magnitude to change the outcome. So, my opinion would be that there was some small amount of fraud, but it was not enough to change the outcome.”