‘Going Full Bud Light’: Conservatives Slam Fox News After Leaked Handbook Reveals Pro-Trans Policies

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Conservatives ridiculed Fox News on Monday after a leaked copy of the network’s handbook revealed its policies accommodating transgenderism.

The copy, obtained by the Daily Signal, offered guidelines on a “Workplace Transition Plan” allowing employees to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity rather than their biological sex. The handbook also promises “to sustain a more inclusive work environment.”

Conservatives blasted the known right-leaning network in response to the leak.

“Pay attention to the conservatives who rightly called Bud Light out but remain silent on Fox’s radical pro-trans policies,” Daily Wire podcast host Matt Walsh tweeted. “Many of these people are terrified of losing their Fox segments. Three and a half minutes of face time on cable news is more alluring than you may think.”

“‘What will play on Fox’ and ‘how do I get on Fox’ has been the loadstar of ‘conservative media’ and Republican Party politics for the last two decades,” BlazeTV host Steve Deace wrote.

“Fox News going Full Bud Light,” The Columbia Bugle posted.

“What is incredible is no matter how much they adopt progressive business practices, the left will still demand the fascist, nazi, white supremacist source-of-all-evil-and-misinformation be taken down, deplatformed and treated with contempt,” wrote detransitioner Chad Felix Greene.

Former CNN anchor Brian Stelter, a critic of conservative media, predicted that the Fox policies would likely “drive a wedge” between the outlet and its conservative viewers.

If the @DailySignal‘s story about Fox’s policies supporting trans employees picks up enough steam across the rest of the right-wing media, it could drive a wedge between Fox and its base. That’s what @MattWalshBlog and others are explicitly trying to do,” Stelter tweeted.

Fox News has repeatedly called transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney a “she” despite Mulvaney being a biological male. The New York Post, Wall Street Journal and Washington Examiner have followed the same practice. (RELATED: Here Are All The Conservative-Leaning Outlets That Call Dylan Mulvaney A ‘She’) 

In June 2022 Fox ran a story profiling a family who allowed their five-year-old daughter to “transition” into a boy. The segment portrayed the parents in a positive light, praising their “extraordinary courage.”