Leftist Reporter Jessica Washington Says Tim Scott Invoking ‘Welfare Queens Nostalgia’ To Pander To Base

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Senior reporter at The Root, Jessica Washington, said Tuesday on CNN that South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott is invoking “welfare queens nostalgia” to pander to voters.

Scott announced Monday in Charleston that he is joining the growing field of Republican contenders for the 2024 nomination, criticizing President Joe Biden on the economy, national security and education.

Scott recently released a campaign ad slamming victimhood mentality, saying “Today’s kids are growing up immersed in a culture where everyone’s a victim.”

Washington argued he was actually invoking stereotypes.

“There are some other things that Tim Scott has come out against, being the only black American right now that is in the Senate as a Republican. He has opposed civil rights laws, he has made it more difficult and increasingly targeting diversity, equity and inclusion policies,” host Sara Sidner said. “Within his own party and even the Democratic Party, ‘cuz if Democrats fear him the most, the idea is that some Democrats may vote for him because of his story. Does that work? Does that make sense?”

“I think it’s really difficult to try to understand what lane Tim Scott would take up, because he’s talking – you know, he’s almost invoking this ‘welfare queens nostalgia,’ talking about this victimhood mentality, kind of bringing back these things, very targeted ways of talking about poverty, ways of talking about race without talking about race,” Washington said.

“So I think it’s hard to imagine him capturing particularly white liberals or black voters with that kind of talk,” Washington continued. “But then you also think, okay, is he really going to get the Trumpists? He’s not a Trumpian candidate. So who is Tim Scott for?” (RELATED: Tim Scott’s Mic Blows Out In The Middle Of Presidential Announcement)

Washington isn’t the only one who believes Scott will have trouble securing the vote, with “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin claiming Monday that Republicans wouldn’t vote for Scott because the party has a “real racism problem.”