Florida Man Finds Angry Iguana In Toilet

(Bart Sadowski/Shutterstock)

Kevin Harness Contributor
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A Florida man had the fright of his life Friday when he discovered an angry iguana in his toilet.

John Riddle, 58, noticed that the door to the bathroom was left open and he went to close the door, which was reportedly when he had his encounter with the uninvited house guest, WSVN 7 News reported. (Man Injured When Iguana Falls On His Face During Yoga Class)

“I thought I was in ‘Jurassic Park’ or something,” Riddle said, according to WSVN 7 News.

The iguana was not happy to see Riddle and reportedly went deeper into the toilet, according to the outlet.

Riddle took a step back for a moment and tried to figure out what to do next. He then grabbed a baby gate to keep the reptile from getting out and into his bedroom, the outlet reported.

“I came back probably a little less than an hour later, and there he was again, splashing around,” he said, according to WSVN 7 News. “This was my chance, and I was trying to work up the nerve to grab him and throw him out, but before I did that, he crawled out, and crawled, like, behind the toilet, and that’s when I grabbed the strainer and shooed him out.”

The reptile dove into Riddle’s pool before running into his backyard. Riddle suspects that the iguana may have gotten in after he left the door open while taking his dogs for a walk, WPEC reported.

Riddle said that the iguana was not injured, but he hopes to never see it again.

In December 2021, a woman in scrubs was reportedly attacked by a giant iguana wearing a bandana.

An iguana reportedly fell on a man’s face during a yoga class in January.

In Dec. 2022, a Florida town experienced a power outage after an iguana knocked out a transformer with its tail.

Iguanas are one among several invasive species that were introduced into the wild in Florida. Because of the state’s naturally warm climate, there are now hundreds of these reptiles, according to WPEC.