MLB Franchise Announces Christian Faith Night Amid Controversy Over Anti-Catholic Drag Group

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The Los Angeles Dodgers announced a “Christian Faith and Family Day” on Friday amid backlash over the team’s decision to invite an anti-Catholic group to their annual LGBT Pride event.

The Christian event will be held at Dodgers stadium on July 30, giving fans a chance “to celebrate and be part of a day of worship.” The team has faced criticism from Christian groups after adding the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” (SPI) to their list of honorees at their annual “Pride Night.”

“Join us at Dodger Stadium on 7/30 for Christian Faith and Family Day. Stay after the game to celebrate and be part of a day of worship. Stay tuned for more details,” the team wrote on Twitter.

The SPI, which is set to receive a “Community Heroes Award” from the Dodgers, mocks the Catholic faith by sexualizing Jesus and nuns. The organization describes itself as a “leading-edge Order of queer and trans nuns.” The team initially dropped the group from the event after pushback from Catholics, but later reinvited the SPI and offered their “sincerest apologies” to the LGBTQ community.

Conservatives and Christians have widely condemned the new faith event. (RELATED: ‘Stands Against Freedom’: Tulsi Gabbard Condemns LA Dodgers For Inviting Anti-Catholic Group To Pride Event) 

“How dare you try to pander to Christians because you need us as consumers while at the same time you HONOR an anti-Christian hate group that blasphemes Jesus with ‘Jesus and Mary striptease’ and ‘dildo dipped in drugs blessings’ & ‘semen’ filled chalices? You are grotesque,” conservative commentator Liz Wheeler tweeted.

“Kiss my ass,” wrote Daily Caller editor Grayson Quay.

Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio condemned the team for inviting the SPI to their event, writing in a May 15 letter that the group “mocks Christians through diabolical parodies of our faith.”

“Shamefully, (but not surprisingly) [the Dodgers] have been bullied into apologizing to & ‘re-inviting’ a group of anti-catholic bigots,” Rubio wrote Monday in response to the team’s decision. “Today our great country is controlled by socio-political ruling elites who don’t just tolerate anti-Christian bigotry, they encourage & celebrate it.”

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