‘Trans Power’: College Activists Say Free Speech Doesn’t Apply To Feminist Guest Speaker


Sarah Weaver Social Issues Reporter
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Transgender activists campaigned against feminist guest speaker Kathleen Spock, who has been critical of transgender ideology, at the Oxford Union this week.

Stock, who argues that individuals cannot change their biological sex, had to pause her talk at the Oxford Union when a protestor glued herself to the floor, wearing a shirt that read, “no more dead trans kids.” Officers removed the demonstrator after 20 minutes.

Students and professors gathered outside to protest the speech, chanting, “trans rights, human rights” and “trans power.” (RELATED: Resurfaced Video Shows Target Diversity Chief Suggesting Employees May ‘Leave’ If They Think Differently)

Professor Max Van Kleek spoke to the crowd, saying that when he signed a letter endorsing a free speech policy at the school, he didn’t mean for it to extend to Spock’s language.

“I was one of these people, just like the other professors, who signed that letter and said, ‘oh yeah, we need free speech.’ And I firmly believe that, free speech is important,” Kleek said. “But there’s more to it than that. Gen Z, you students, have taught me that there’s more to it than the simple, simplistic argument that ‘free speech matters.’ And that is, that words have meaning, and that things are very sensitive right now, our trans allies are being subject to so much abuse, discrimination, and we are losing rights around the world.”

Another video shows transgender activist by the name of Chrissy explaining why he opposes Spock’s talk.

“When you listen to that phrase itself — a debate — a debate about trans existence, trans rights, if we were to talk about black people and debate your existence, how would you feel?” Chrissy said to the interviewer, who is black.

“If we were to ask that of black people or Jewish people there would be outrage.”