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GamStop vs. Privacy: How the Best Self-Exclusion App Works With Your Data

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By now, millions of people have made extensive use of GamStop. The app has become popular mainly because of its great benefits, which have helped many gamblers improve their gaming control. Yet, even today, not many people know precisely how GamStop handles data, its privacy policies, and whether users who register on GamStop can still enjoy a good level of anonymity. Making the matter even more difficult are GamStop’s guidelines, which may be difficult to understand at first glance, as well as the number of casinos not on GamStop that are available via Non-Stop Casino sites allowing players to gamble outside GamStop self-exclusion and thus bypass its protection.

When a punter has problems with gambling, they often want to remain anonymous. Therefore, it becomes vital to only work with secure and professional services that can handle data in an all-around way, without leaking anything to the outside and guaranteeing the complete protection of sensitive information of more than 300,000 gamblers in the UK throughout recent years.

What Is GamStop Used for?

GamStop is the most popular gambling self-exclusion application used in the UK. It was created specifically to help punters struggling with gambling get back on track and eliminate their wagering problems. The GamStop app allows users to block access to problematic websites or apps. Here are some stats to illustrate the scale at which GamStop operates in the UK:

  • In 2022, more than 88,000 users registered on GamStop
  • The app currently has 341,365 users
  • Almost half of the new customers have decided to self-exclude for as long as 5 years
  • ¼ of new users decided to self-exclude for 1 year
  • To a large extent, the app is used mainly by young people in the 25–34 age group.

All this shows that over the years, GamStop has proven to be a professional solution and has already helped thousands of users overcome their gambling addiction. 

Why Does GamStop Need Your Data?

Since gamers want to protect their identities, it is vital to understand how GamStop uses customer data. For what purposes does it collect it? Could it get it to others or not? How does it store it? Has there ever been a problem with privacy at GamStop? 

GamStop needs players’ data for a wide range of reasons. First and foremost, it is required to monitor gambling by minors. People under the age of 18 are not allowed to gamble. There is another reason: the types of players who use GamStop and the frequency with which they tend to gamble. This factor is helpful information for the application to improve its algorithms. 

So, what data does GamStop collect? The program uses various information regarding how much money users use to gamble. Also, the data collected is used to help users in their willingness to foster responsible gambling. Finally, GamStop also uses the information to generate statistics and reports helpful in understanding how to overcome gambling problems. 

GamStop Data Collection Mechanisms

The types of information collected by GamStop are strictly professional and have only one aim: to improve the services offered. For this purpose, it accumulates data such as first name, last name, ID, date of birth, age, frequency of wagering, and money spent on gambling. The professionals at GamStop do not ask people for non-gambling-related data.

The methods by which GamStop collects information are different. Usually, data is provided using voluntary registration. When registering, users are offered to fill out a short form. In addition, GamStop can also request relevant information by employing surveys and website cookies. 

Is It Safe to Disclose Your Personal Details to GamStop?

The framework used in GamStop and the way the program is designed overall imply a high level of security for the data collected by GamStop. In many aspects, it is so thanks to the collaboration between DataShed (the GamStop developer) and AWS, a company that has been protecting users’ data for several years. Therefore, there is no risk that the data in GamStop’s database could be stolen in any way. AWS is one of the best companies in improving user security on the Internet.


As you can see, you have no reason to worry about the protection of your data if you are registered with GamStop. The company has already demonstrated that it is entirely professional in handling users’ personal information, and GamStop’s privacy policy covers all the essential aspects of the interaction between a user and the program.

While GamStop has been operating on the market, no problems have occurred. GamStop has proven to have a privacy policy that complies with both UK regulations and European Community guidelines. This advantage has enabled it to become one of the leading companies in the industry. GamStop is constantly trying to improve all its services, including the handling of personal data. Therefore, it is to be expected that the utilise of users’ private information will be further expanded in the near future.

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